Camera Rickshaw is a rental company
owned and operated by Steadicam
Operator David Allen Grove, SG

The SteadiCAB is a modified pedicab,
designed specifically for Steadicam use. It's
pedal and electric assist powered and can
be used in areas where motorized vehicles
are not permitted.

Along with the standard rickshaws, we
rent out vehicle mounts and other
Steadicam accessory related items.

Tiffen’s complete line of awarding-
winning Steadicam camera stabilizing
systems includes the new Steadicam M-1.

The M-1 is designed for HD broadcast
and feature films, with a highly-
adaptive, modular and future-proofed

The Steadicam Guild was founded by
Dan Kneece, SOC and co founded by
David Allen Grove in September of
2002.  It is an organization dedicated to
the promotion and education of the art
and craft of the Steadicam.  The
purpose of the guild is to look into all
aspects of the art of Steadicam and to
preserve the history behind the  noble
instrument and the people who use it.

Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment,
Inc. is a manufacturer of custom
camera support equipment including
camera cranes, telescoping arms,
bases, dollies, pedestals, remote
camera systems and camera cars for
the motion picture and television

Founded by engineer and master
craftsman Walter Klassen in 1988,
Walter Klassen FX has evolved into
an worldwide boutique camera
equipment manufacturer. Located in
Toronto, Canada every Walter
Klassen FX product is hand crafted
in house by our excellent team with
high quality design and materials.

All our products are backed by a
money back guarantee. Order online,
come by our shop in Toronto or visit
one of our international dealers to
learn more.

Media Blackout's focus is on
custom cables, but we also
make assorted accessories,
plates and brackets, and do
repairs and modifications.
Our motto is AKS Made to

We manufacture and supply field
monitors long established on
Steadicam and Stabilizer systems.
As we will be attending Cinegear,
this would be a great opportunity
to talk directly to operators.

INOVATIV innovates, designs and builds
the very best professional equipment cart
solutions in the marketplace. Our carts are
now being used around the clock and
around the world by working
professionals. Our Scout, Echo, and
Ranger carts continue to set the
benchmark for innovative, practical
design; high quality construction and
Extended Camera Support, inc.

At XCS our motto is,
“It’s only impossible when you stop trying”.
This is why we have been the world leaders in
sled and advanced electronic design for sled
systems since 1997, pioneering many of the
designs we see today.  

Our designs include the Ultimate 2 sled, TB- 6
& TB-7 monitors, HD digital levels, HD
digital frame liners and a full line of precision
related hardware components and custom
cables.  All of our  equipment is completely
designed, engineered and manufactured in the
Manufacturers of the leading body-worn and Steadicam vehicle mounted camera
stabilizers and stabilizer accessories, come together in one place to demo their
products to film and video industry professionals.

One on one Camera operating and
Steadicam lessons.

Greg Smith has been a
camera/Steadicam operator for 21
years and has over 83 movie and
television credits. Greg was
nominated for “Operator of The Year
2016” by the SOC. He has taught
many of the Steadicam operators
working today. Most of all, now he
has decided to put his knowledge,
experience, talents and expertise into
teaching full time what he has learned
throughout his career.

DJI is the global leader in aerial
and gimbal technology. DJI
platforms empower individuals
and companies to capture
images that were once out of

Our flying and camera
stabilization systems redefine
camera placement and motion
enabling creators globally.
We make multiple Emmy
Award winning products for
the Entertainment industry.
In 2017 ARRI is celebrating its
centenary, having been founded in
1917 in Munich, Germany, where the
headquarters is still located today.
Other subsidiaries exist in Europe,
North and South America, Asia and
Australia.  The ARRI Group consists
of five business units: Camera
Systems, Lighting, Media, Rental and
Medical. As well as being a leading
designer and manufacturer of camera
and lighting systems for the
international film industry, ARRI is an
integrated media service provider in
the fields of postproduction and
equipment rental.   The Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has
recognized ARRIs engineers and their
contributions to the industry with 19
Scientific and Technical Awards.
Hill Products are recognized as
the finest Steadicam products

Virtually every Steadicam
operator today uses Hill products
to improve Steadicam operation.

From Low mode mounts to focus
mounts, making Steadicam
operating a plug and play.
Intuitive Aerial is an international
manufacturer of professional remote
camera systems for high-end cinema
and broadcast applications. The
company makes the AERIGON, the
industrys first remote piloted aerial
camera platform (UAV) for
professional cinema, broadcast and
commercials productions.

Intuitive Aerial also manufactures the
NEWTON, a stabilized remote camera
head for broadcast applications. Both
remote camera systems are controlled
byt the Intuitive Aerial DOMINION
controller. The company is located in
Linkping, Sweden.
We specialize and manufacture custom
brackets. The Premier Custom Camera
Accessories shop. We have a great
selection of products for all your needs.
We invite you to come visit us for a
pleasant, efficient experience. We are
more than happy to assist you personally
to ensure you find exactly what you have
in mind. And if you need assistance,
ideas, or special service we’re at your
beck and call.   We only use High
Quality Material and Manufacture

Salvador Gonzalez was a former R& D
Manger at Otto Nemens Intl. for 15

Transvideo International has been
selling and servicing Transvideo
monitors to body-rig operators for 20
years.  Our knowledge of body-rigs
systems and their specific requirements
is un-paralleled.

We offer custom cables and brackets
modifications to fit your personal set-up.

Transvideo International, Los Angeles,
has won Best Professional Video
Equipment for 10 years in a row (2007
to 2017) and is now in the Business
Hall of Fame.

Andra Motion Technologies has
launched a disruptive Follow Focus
and Motion Capture system called
Radius. The system is designed to
remove some of the technical barriers
of pulling focus to open up new filming
frontiers. Our products are created to
being easy to use and dependable.
Radius balance between technology and
creativity does not lessen its technical
prowess. Andra Radius boasts near-zero
latency and sub-centimeter precision
and does not rely on line of sight
& Transvideo Intl.