The Steadicam Guild's Steadicam Operator Expo was created with the idea of bringing manufacturers of
Steadicam® related equipment and accessories to demonstrate their products to professional Steadicam® operators.

If you are an equipment manufacturer and have a product or service that a professional
Steadicam® operator would be interested in purchasing or renting, this is the expo for you!

(The Steadicam operator expo is not affiliated with the Tiffen corporation.
*Steadicam® is a registered trademark of the Tiffen corporation.)
iSAFE! TV & FILM, LLC is a nonprofit
organization whose mission is to promote
safety awareness on television and film
production sets through education, trainings,
awareness, accountability and visibility.

iSAFE! TV & FiLM was founded after Sarah
Jones, a camera assistant, was struck by a train
and tragically killed, while working on the film,
“Midnight Rider”, on February 20, 2014.
Several crew members were also severely
injured. After the tragedy, Safety Awareness
has been a conversation and movement, to
make sure no one dies while doing their job.
Everyone has the right to Work. Be Safe. Go
Location: Tiffen Steadicam
2815 Winona Ave, Burbank, CA 91504

Parking: street
Sunday, June 2  2019
10am - 4pm
Randy Nolen, S.O.C.
Vintage Steadi-Stuff

Garage Sale of Vintage Used Steadicam
Parts & Accessories. Any Steadi-Ops w/
Vintage Steadi-Stuff they want to sell bring it
to my Booth (Booth gets 5% commission).

Just mark it w/Owner's name & minimum
price. I've got Tons of '80's garage sale suff
I'm selling! Come on by we can swap Old
War Stories. It'll be fun!
The Longplate  $ 325.00

The Longplate- M ( taking orders now ) For
Archer 2/ Zephyr/ Scout $ 300.00

The A.R.M.- Arm Repo Mount. Moves socket
block over 3”. All vests. $ 225.00  
Tally Light Kit. Stand-Alone tally system for all
brands. $ 225.00

Gear Expo discount of 10% if ordered by
midnight Sunday June 2nd. 10% donated to
The Steadicam Guild.

To direct order, text Peter Abraham, S.O.C.  at: